Crowd Revolt - Death to the Modern World (crowdrevolt) wrote in thewickedshit,
Crowd Revolt - Death to the Modern World

The Altar of Unholy Blasphemy

"When the time came that Jehovah ruled the earth as well, a great stirring came about below. "The only course left to us now... is terrorism," Satan said.
The altar rewards your curiosity with unfolding knowledge. Seek the dark powers at the center of life and understand the fundamental, the primordial and vengeful forces invisible to normal minds. In rebellion take your freedom from the icons of control and resurrect the chaotic existence of nature.

Enslaved spirits on the face of the earth cry their pain in anguished disharmony to the life projected by their controllers. Dissonance ignored breeds suppressed desires which explode in inversion of all order. True evil lurks beyond the chaos in a harmonization of the seemingly paradoxical, a philosophy to bring human redemption to earth."

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